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Aimee Sadler

Virtual Assistant

Jan 2019

As a veteran of Contemporary Virtual Assistance, Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA) Aimee Sadler wants the key message of her bio to convey that she is not one to shy away from a problem, and will do everything she can to get things done. Describing herself as friendly, personable, with a \"can-do\" attitude, Aimee strives to meet her clients\' needs - embracing the personal business philosophy, \"I want to put my best into absolutely everything, no matter how small!\"

Team Member of the Month recipient in 2013, Aimee\'s work history includes customer service/cashier for Target retailing company (2004-2005), and self-employment as a daycare provider (2005-2010) and freelance research writer (2010-2012) - acquiring numerous skills and insights she now brings to the business arena. As a DVA, Aimee\'s fundamental function is to work one-on-one with clients, acting in a variety of roles - from customer support to web designer to personal assistant. In Aimee\'s own words, \"Anything the client needs done, I either find a way to do it myself or find the best service for them.\"

Dedicated Virtual Assistants like Aimee are selected in part for their commitment to continually expanding their technical expertise - Aimee\'s own forte including WordPress, Microsoft Works software, and various social media programs. An accomplished professional who has consistently demonstrated exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, Aimee\'s primary responsibilities are to define and execute tasks delegated to her by CVA clients, while maximizing client potential by suggesting new and innovative ways to increase and/or strengthen their businesses. But more than simply completing delegated tasks, as a DVA, Aimee effectively teams-up with her clients, acting as a business partner to help them remain organized, stay on task, and see the big picture - and identify steps to achieve that big picture. Passionate about her work, Aimee performs her duties as if the final outcome affects her own business.

Maintaining the highest industry standards, Aimee\'s broader responsibilities include: updating client websites, sales and squeeze pages; invoicing and ongoing administrative data entry; growing and/or streamlining client operations; planning, hosting, and managing client webinars and teleseminars; and planning, writing, and distributing client communications (newsletters, blogs, and social media). Additionally, Aimee serves as customer service representative, helps launch new products (coordinating new website pages, scheduling broadcast emails, and crafting social media strategies), implements and/or coordinates technology her clients themselves lack the time or skill-set to accomplish (such as Infusionsoft, 1Shoppingcart, Aweber, Mailchimp, JigsawBox, and Evergreen Business Systems), acts as Joint Venture (JV) coordinator or Affiliate Manager for her clients, and functions as appointment coordinator (regarding calendars and to-do lists) - all while partnering with other CVA Team Members to ensure that all work is completed promptly, by an expert in that field. In her role as Dedicated Virtual Assistant, Aimee is expected to produce high-quality, client-ready work at all times--and has an unparalleled success record in doing precisely that!

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