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Laura (Laurie) Dennis

Virtual Assistant

Describing herself as a true people person who enjoys getting to know and connect with my clients on a personal level," Dedicated Virtual Assistant (DVA) Laura Dennis brings the added perspective of having herself been a business owner, manager and staff worker in the hospitality industry. Holding a two-year Associate degree from Elk Lake Vo-Tech Center in Pennsylvania, Laura is a long-standing employee of Contemporary Virtual Assistance (CVA) who has consistently demonstrated exceptional loyalty to both clients and coworkers - and gained their unqualified respect. She is also an active member of the American Culinary Federation and Chefs Helping Chefs International.

Excelling in computer and telephone business optimization (particularly in using 1Shopping Cart and Silver Pop digital marketing programs), Laura's responsibilities range from helping with travel arrangements - to providing all the necessary components for growing and managing businesses; developing customer relationships with her clients--to essentially anything that frees-up her clients' time to do what they most enjoy. In Laura's own words, "If it can be done via computer or telephone, I take care of it for my clients!"

An accomplished professional with proven proficiency in both the hard and soft skills required to meet Contemporary Virtual Assistance's service satisfaction guarantee, as a DVA Laura's primary responsibilities are to define and execute tasks delegated to her by CVA clients, and maximize client value by suggesting new and exciting ways to increase and/or improve their business. But more than simply completing assigned tasks, as a DVA, Laura effectively becomes a business partner with each of her clients - helping them stay on task and remain organized, see the big picture and identify steps and goals to reach that big picture--ultimately performing all work as if the final outcome relates to her own business.

Demonstrating strong communication and interpersonal abilities, Dedicated Virtual Assistants like Laura are chosen in part for their commitment to continually expanding their technical savvy - a quality by which Laura is driven. Held to the highest industry standard, Laura's broader responsibilities include: growing and/or streamlining client operations; updating client websites, sales and squeeze pages; planning, hosting, and managing client webinars and teleseminars; planning, writing and distributing client communications (newsletters, blogs, and social media); and invoicing and ongoing administrative data entry.

Additionally, Laura serves as a customer service representative, implements the launching of new products (including coordinating new website pages, scheduling broadcast emails, and creating social media strategies), acts as a Joint Venture (JV) coordinator or Affiliate Manager for her clients, functions as appointment coordinator (regarding calendars and to-do lists), and works with and/or coordinates technology clients themselves haven't the time or skill-set to manage, such as Infusionsoft, 1Shoppingcart, Aweber, Mailchimp, JigsawBox, and Evergreen Business Systems - all while partnering with other CVA Team Members to ensure that all work is completed in a timely manner by an expert in that field. In her role as DVA, Laura is expected to provide high-quality, client-ready work at all times - and can be relied upon to deliver consistently!

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