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Copywriting & Editing Services

Writing content for your business is a critical task. It is the "voice" of your business and it will usually be the primary method by which your business communicates with your customers. Poorly written content can drive business away while compelling content can increase business.

Delegate your copywriting & editing to Contemporary VA. Your team of Contemporary VA writers and editors are skilled in different types of content and bring years of cross-industry experience to your writing or editing project. Whether you need something from scratch or you need someone to revise your existing work, the Contemporary VA writers and editors can provide you with business-building content that is accurate, error-free, and (most importantly) engaging for your audience. You'll save hours every week that you can spend building your business instead of writing.

The types of content our writers and editors can write include:

  • Blogs
  • Web articles
  • Web copy
  • Ezines and autoresponders
  • Whitepapers and reports
  • Ebooks
  • Press releases

Our content experts are also available to edit your existing copy to ensure accuracy and error-free communication.

Plan summary
Every project is different. Send us the details of your project using the form below and we'll send back a proposal within 2 business days outlining the price, timeline, and details of the project.


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Whitepapers and Reports
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Virtual Assistants at Contemporary VA can provide you with:
  • Social media marketing and social bookmarking

  • Content development and distribution (blogging, articles, and more)

  • Administrative work (virtual reception and scheduling)

  • Website management (posting, linking, SEO, etc.)

  • Marketing collateral development and maintenance

  • Client management from lead generation to customer service and follow-up

  • Business planning, research, competition monitoring, etc.

  • Customer support (help desk and customer service phone/email/IM coverage)

  • Workflow and back-office support (order processing, delivery confirmation, and follow-up)
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