Contemporary VA provides you with a skilled, proactive, and scalable team of Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who share your desire for your business’ success.

Online Business Manager (OBM) Services

Running a business isn't simple. It's a long list of complex-yet-mission-critical activities! You need to execute these activities flawlessly but first you need to manage them flawlessly. And that takes a lot of time, especially if you have several people to contact and manage.

Delegate your business management or project management to Contemporary VA. Your Online Business Manager will skillfully handle even the most complex projects or operations and can be your single point of contact on multi-staff projects. It doesn't matter whether your project is a set of tasks to manage or a group of people to manage (or a mix of each), our business managers can navigate the complexity with ease. Common uses for an Online Business Manager include:

  • Bringing a new product or service to market (aka product launch)
  • Managing the business start-up
  • Managing business branding or re-branding
  • Managing website development/redevelopment
  • Managing a team of virtual staff
  • Creation & execution of business, marketing or social media plans
  • Creation & execution of operational plans and departments, such as list-building efforts, marketing ROI evaluations or Affiliate/Joint Venture coordinating

Plan summaries
Every project and business is different so give us the details and we'll send you a proposal with the price and other details. OBM prices are flat rate monthly retainers. Simply fill out the form to provide us with details and we'll send you a proposal usually within 2 business days.


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Virtual Assistants at Contemporary VA can provide you with:
  • Social media marketing and social bookmarking

  • Content development and distribution (blogging, articles, and more)

  • Administrative work (virtual reception and scheduling)

  • Website management (posting, linking, SEO, etc.)

  • Marketing collateral development and maintenance

  • Client management from lead generation to customer service and follow-up

  • Business planning, research, competition monitoring, etc.

  • Customer support (help desk and customer service phone/email/IM coverage)

  • Workflow and back-office support (order processing, delivery confirmation, and follow-up)
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