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Infusionsoft Kickstart Package

When you purchase Infusionsoft, CVA’s Certified Consultants will help you get started. Our Kickstart Service Plan includes the following:

  • Import your email contact list with segmentation

  • Set-up and design 1 email and 1 newsletter template

  • Create the strategy for and implement 2 campaigns (or 2 processes or opportunities – your choice!)

  • Marketing/branding - CVA will populate the entire Infusionsoft branding center – all graphics supplied by you. 

  • 60-minute consultation to develop your customized Infusionsoft game plan

  • 60-minute consultation to map out your customized Infusionsoft campaigns

Some of the extra benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose CVA as your Kickstart Success Coach include:

  • Campaigns are customized to YOUR business

  • Your invoice template, shopping cart template and order form template will be set-up!

  • You’ll have a dashboard created in your Infusionsoft with at least 4 main features – customized for YOUR business

  • Three free one-hour bonus calls with an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant. You can use these calls for ongoing training, support or strategic advice

Price: $1,497.00

Think you need more help? Do you want to start selling products right away? Are you ready to turn your buyers into repeat customers? Have you always want to upsell your customers to increase your revenue? Do you want to create a referral partner center to increase your passive income? If you’d like these services and more, check out our Infusionsoft Kickstart Service - Product Plus and Infusionsoft Kickstart Service - Referral Partner Plus Packages.

Need Help Deciding the Best Option for You?

If you would like help selecting the best package for you, CVA’s Infusionsoft Experts are here to help. Schedule your FREE, no obligation 30-minute Infusionsoft Consultation today.