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Telesummit Jumpstart

A Telesummit is a series of teleseminars with a dozen or so speakers that is held over a period of time, usually several days. This is an excellent way to both establish your expertise, build your list and create a recurring revenue stream.

Planning, Launching and Executing a Telesummit takes a lot of time and effort. From ensuring that the proper programs are set up, to ensuring that the event(s) are recorded with ease. From negotiating speakers, to ensuring that your speakers provide the proper information prior to their event.

CVA can assist you with all these tasks and more to ensure that you execute a Telesummit with organization and finesse.

One of CVA’s specially trained VA’s will be there to help you every step of the way, so you can focus on what you do best!

If you need on-going help, you can work directly with your own dedicated Virtual Assistant, click here for details.

Telesummit Silver:

If you already have a plan in place for your Telesummit and just need some technical support this is the package for you. Your VA will assist you with preparing your website pages, scheduling your promotional emails, creating your evergreen product, scheduling your event and more. Get Started Quickly!

Telesummit Gold:

Are you new to setting up a Telesummit and would like support from b eginning to end – then this is the package is for you! To ensure you get started off strong and stay on track, you’ll have an initial meeting with one of CVA’s Online Business Managers who will prepare a full Telesummit plan. Your VA will assist you with executing the entire plan including tasks such as; following up with your speakers, creating an opt-in page and sales page, editing audios, scheduling your event, writing your marketing emails, and more. Get Started Quickly!

Telesummit Platinum:

If you love the Telesummit Gold package but would also like a complete transcript of every audio recording from your Telesummit, professionally prepared and ready for distribution with your evergreen product, than this package is for you. CVA will provide you with all the services in the Telesummit Gold package and provide you with a professionally prepared transcript of every interview formatted to be consistent with your brand. Get Started Quickly!






* Includes up to 12 Speakers Yes Yes Yes
Create one opt-in page on your website Check Check Check
Create one thank you page on your website Check Check Check
Create one sales page on your website Check Check Check
Schedule promotional emails in your email marketing software Check Check Check
Schedule your Telesummit event in your teleseminar software program Check Check Check
Create speaker interview sheets Check Check Check
Set-up product, opt-in, auto-responder and sign-up links in your shopping cart system Check Check Check
Speaker management   Check Check
Social media services – write and schedule posts for your social media accounts   Check Check
Copywriting: promotional emails, autoresponder email and affiliate email   Check Check
Audio editing   Check Check
Create & review your personalized telesummit project plan for launch   Check Check
Full Telesummit set-up including participation / troubleshooting during each event     Check
Transcription of each recording     Check
Professional desktop publishing of all transcription files     Check
Value Sold Separately $2,500.00 $4,800.00 $8,500.00
Special Telesummit Jumpstart Package Price $1,597.00 $3,097.00 $5,597.00
* Additional Speakers $97 each additional speaker $197 each additional speaker $297 each additional speaker
OPTIONAL: create one web page for every speaker with their day of live event (in addition to the pages in the teleseminar system.) $600 for first 12 speaker pages, $50 per page for each additional speaker. $600 for first 12 speaker pages, $50 per page for each additional speaker. $600 for first 12 speaker pages, $50 per page for each additional speaker.
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