Contemporary VA provides you with a skilled, proactive, and scalable team of Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who share your desire for your business’ success.

Virtual Assistant Services

Administrative work can keep you from growing your business! You can end up being so busy sweating the details that you can't get to the important work!

Delegate your administrative work to Contemporary VA. Your administrative VA will surprise you with how much they can help! The tasks listed at the right are just some of the many tasks your virtual assistant can help you with.

Plan summaries

Our Gold plan is perfect for clients who need an occasional virtual assistant for those one time projects that come up. No contract. No commitment. Hours never expire.

Our Platinum plan is perfect for clients who want to rely on their virtual assistant for several projects on a continuing basis and want to build a relationship with their virtual assistant to act as an extension to their business growth and development.



Gold Platinum
Type Pre-Paid Retainer
Hourly rate $45.00 per hour $31.00 - $35.00 per hour
Contract None 1-year Contract, cancelable with a 30-day written notice
Written quality guarantee We’ve added a written guarantee of 99% accuracy on all outgoing work.
Commitment-to-service guarantee We’ve always been committed to service but we’re backing it up with our 100% service guarantee, which ensures that you are completely satisfied or we’ll work relentlessly to make it right.
  • Non-refundable blocks of time
  • Hours never expire
  • Non-refundable retainers
  • Time billed on the 1st
  • Overages billed on the 15th & 30th at overage rate
  • Unused hours expire at end of month
  Pre-PaidGet Started RetainerGet Started
Minimum No Minimums 20 hours per month
Best for Projects
  • Clients who have random projects that vary
  • Clients who never know what they may need help with, such as phone calls, travel bookings, client follow-up or planning a marketing campaign
  • Dedicated assistant
Rush No Yes
  • Project Manager receives task requests, assigns to VA and submits completed project to you
  • Support from the Client Account Team for assistance needed on account related questions
  • Work directly with a VA
  • Work with the Client Account Team for assistance needed on account related questions or for ideas to help grow your business
  • No unexpected bills
  • No contracts
  • No hassles
  • Guaranteed time
  • Your very own assistant
  • 24-hour rush turnaround time
  • Fully trained back up assistant
  • Fully prepared operations manual created for you and your tasks
  • Operations manual and back up assistant are completely FREE with our Platinum Plan
Pre-PaidGet Started RetainerGet Started

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Virtual Assistants at Contemporary VA can provide you with:
  • Social media marketing and social bookmarking

  • Content development and distribution (blogging, articles, and more)

  • Administrative work (virtual reception and scheduling)

  • Website management (posting, linking, SEO, etc.)

  • Marketing collateral development and maintenance

  • Client management from lead generation to customer service and follow-up

  • Business planning, research, competition monitoring, etc.

  • Customer support (help desk and customer service phone/email/IM coverage)

  • Workflow and back-office support (order processing, delivery confirmation, and follow-up)
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